Tekken 4 Game free Download for PC

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Tekken 4 Game free Download for PC

Tekken 4 Overview :

Tekken 4 is a fighting game published and developed by Namco since the portion of the Tekken series.  It was released as an arcade game in 2001 and about the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Its disposition, Tekken Five, was launched in 2005. Tekken 4 download for computer presented changes in the gameplay of the series’ game. You Can Download Tekken 4 free for PC.


Tekken 4 Fighting Game :

The Tekken 4 download for the computer engine has been tuned in the way that it was, which made the characters go slower and smoother. Finally, the game features a completely new graphics system, including improved lighting physics and smoother surfaces.


Tekken 4 Paul Phoenix is a personality at the Tekken show that made his debut at the very first Tekken match and ever since that time has appeared in each match up to now. But he’s one of the hottest and well-loved Tekken characters. Tekken 4 Characters  ( Bryan Fury.   Bryan Fury is a part of the popular Tekken fighting game series. Christie Monteiro. A Capoeira fighter in the Tekken fighting game series.Combo. Character in the Tekken series.Craig Marduk. Heihachi Mishima. Hwoarang. Jin Kazama ). A Force mode is a minigame first introduced in Tekken 3 and later reappeared in Tekken 5 and Tekken series and Other Etc.

Tekken Four Characters :

The player selects a character and goes through stages fighting Tekken Force members. The stages end with a boss being one of the fighters in the game’s roster. The game contained many game versions, such as the unique ability of the series to allow the participant to maneuver before the debut of the wall and also the round by placing the gap in the storyline at the start of the variant.

The choice can include up to 23 characters, including 6 brand new ones. The history of the game indicates that Kazuya endured in the volcano twenty years back and passes the Iron King’s 1st Championship 4 to restore Mishima Zaybats.

By fighting with the waves of enemies the participant can restore health and strength.  From the mini-game, it had been found that Tekken Force has several ranks in the business, which manifests itself at a different amount of skills, strength, and resistance.

The Story mode from the opening variant unlocks the scenes, unlike the installments in which the scenes have been unlocked in Arcade mode. You can Download More Pc games.

 Features of Fighting Game:

Among those features is the introduction of a new sort of movement. Damage is absorbed by these motions from an attack or a mid-century, despite taking harm, and it proceeds.

From the Fated Retribution upgrade, if the figures take more damage in the opponents’ strikes while at Rage Mode, the Rage Arts’ harm increases.

Rage Arts change the operation of one movement of a personality during Rage Mode. An important note is that if there is a Rage Artwork done, the character will lose their anger. These arts may achieve throughout a combo.

Power Scrub :

A simplified Auto Combo mechanic is in Season two, as it had been Story Mode on the chapters of a significant story. It may implement by pressing on occasions. Automobile Combo can set by players off or on. 

Item Goes :

Tekken (Series) Automobile Combo :

Players may retain three of the individual motions of their character to function as three stages of the combo moves or a combo.

TEKKEN 4 Gameplay :

A Tekken 4 Gameplay good illustration could be Hwoarang’s”Backlash,” with the very same properties in a combo because it would on a standard hit, where it would get the competitor to slump to the floor. 


Following the addition of Geese Howard, Wall Bounce implemented the Remaining characters in Season two. Once the competitor is standing/crouching moves can only administer wall Bounce with pushback possessions.

Launched in Fated Retribution upgraded is a brand new Rage Mode attribute known as”Rage Drives.” They confer added effects, like the twist in one combo. Rage Arts are adjusted, so the amount of damage is proportional to the player health club.

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Tekken 4 Game Download Free:

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System Requirements For Pc :

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Tekken 4 Compatibility :

System Requirements For Pc :

OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XPCD/DVD Rom DriveVideo

Memory: 64 MB

Processor: Pentium 3.1 GH

Memory: 1 GB

Hard Drive: 3 GB

FreeKeyboard & MouseSound Card:

DirectX Compatible

DirectX: 9.0c

Direct Download (Server 1) Direct Download (Server 2)

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