How to Get Every Weapon in Resident Evil 7


How to Get Every Weapon in Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 and Weapons List and Guide

Resident Evil 7 Features Ethan Winters, A Milquetoast Protagonist Whose Look For His Missing Wife Leads Him To The Bayou Of Louisiana.

Once There, Ethan Finds Himself Kidnapped And Tortured By A Family Of Murderous Cannibals Referred To As The Bakers. Both Within The Specifics And General Tone Of Its Seemingly Stand-alone Story, Much Of Resident Evil 7 May Be A Departure From The Zombie Outbreak Roots Of The Series At Large. 


I Won’t Spoil If Or How Re7 Games Might Eventually Tie Into The Greater Resident Evil Universe, But I’ll Say This Much: You Do Not Get To Be Invested Within The 20 Years Of Backstory That Exists To Leap Into This Game.

Resident Evil Lore To Leap Into Resident Evil 7

Capcom Doesn’t Require A Degree In Resident Evil Lore To Leap Into Resident Evil 7, But There Are Echoes Of The Series’ History Within It.

Davey, Louisiana, Isn’t Raccoon City, But As The Primary Resident evil multiplayer, Re7 Takes Place In And Around One Large House.

An Enormous Portion Of The Game’s 10 To 12 Hours Is Dedicated To Exploring The Baker Residence And Not Just Exploring It, But Going To Realize It.


I Had To Scour Every House For Resources.

I Had To Memorize Secret Passageways And Find Out Which Doors I Could Hide Behind, And Which Hallways Could Get Me To Safety Fastest.

Resident Evil 7’s Boss Fights Are Far And Away The Worst A Part Of The Sport

This Constant Tension Is Compounded By The Game’s Sparse, Creepy Audio. The Baker Home Is Constantly Creaking, Filled With Strange Noises That Left Me Terrified At What Could Be Waiting Beyond The Subsequent Door Or Around A Close-by Corner. 

Not Everything Is Different, However. Re7 Does Fall Prey To At Least One Of The Series’ Long-running Weaknesses. Best Resident Evil game Only Contains A Couple Of Bosses, But They’re Far And Away From The Worst Part Of The Sport. These Encounters Break The Otherwise Perfect Tension And Pacing Of The Remainder Of The Experience.


You’re By Necessity Given Plenty Of Ammo And Healing Items Within The Lead-up To Every Boss Fight, Because These Bigger Enemies Are Invariably Bullet Sponges, Sucking Dry Whole Clips From Your Gun Before Finally Falling.

Worse Yet, The Wonderful Feedback That’s Present In Most Of The Game’s Other Battles Doesn’t Exist Here; In Numerous Boss Fights, I Found Myself Not Certain If I Used To Be Hurting The Boss Or What Proportion Because The Sport Doesn’t Make It Clear.

Re7 Weapons List Guidance

1- Melee Weapons

Melee-WeaponsLocation: Guest House 1F, during the primary fight with Mia.

Best Strategy: When using the Axe, the simplest strategy is to use the guard button to the dam, then when the enemy is staggered, use an influence attack by holding the aim button then hitting the attack button. After you get successful, put your guard up and repeat the cycle.

2- Folding Knife


Folding-KnifeLocation: Main House 1F, hallway near the kitchen. Receive the Folding Knife from the Sheriff’s Deputy through the window.

Best Strategy: Whenever possible, don’t engage an enemy with the Folding Knife. Your best strategy, if all you’ve got available is that the Folding Knife, is to use the guard button to dampen the damage you receive from blows and make your escape. Use equivalent tactics described within the entry for the Axe if you’ve got no choice but to fight with the Folding Knife.

3- Survival Knife

Location: 2F, right outside the elevator, Tanker Ship

Best Strategy: The Survival Knife features a bit more reach than the Folding Knife, but it’s still not a perfect weapon. It’s best used for breaking boxes and as a final resort. If you employ the Survival Knife during a fight, use the tactics above for the best results.

4- Longarms

M37 Shotgun:


Location: 1F Main House, Main Hall. Use the Broken Shotgun found in Grandma’s Room on 2F Main House to exchange Shotgun on the statue.

Ammo Capacity: 4-Round Internal Magazine

Real-Life Analog: The M37 looks to be a mix of features from the venerable Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 shotguns. The planning seems to favor Mossberg though.

Best Strategy: The M37 is best kept in reserve for many sports. Shells aren’t common, but it’s always best to possess them equipped just in case you get them during a rough spot. The buckshot fired by the M37 tends to possess a widespread, so let your enemy get in close and aim for the top.

M21 Shotgun:


Location: 2F Main House, Grandma’s Room. Best used initially to exchange the M37 Shotgun on the statue to get that shotgun.

After you get the Toy Shotgun from the 2F Main House, Kids Room, you’ll use it to exchange the Broken Shotgun on the statue then use a Repair Kit on the Broken Shotgun to revive it to working order.

Ammo Capacity: One shell in each of the 2 barrels.

Real-Life Analog: The M21 may be a pretty close fit for the Browning Citori over-and-under shotgun.

Best Strategy: The M21 can only hold two shells at a time, but it’s more kick thereto than the M37. While most conventional enemies can’t survive a full two shells from the M21 at close-range, you would possibly not want to use it in fights where reloading could also be a problem.

Features Of Resident Evil 7 Game 

  • Fantastic resident evil gameplay that completely straddles the road between action and survival.
  • Slower movement and a defensive focus keep encounters tense.
  • Great graphics.
  • Satisfying story.
  • VR enhances horror and shooting elements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Resident Evil 7 Scary?

Resident Evil 7 may be a first-person horror game. it isn’t a standard first-person shooter, however, albeit you’ll do much shooting. The protagonist, Ethan, is not any soldier and his shooting and reloading are awkward and slow.

Who Is That The Main Character In Resident Evil 7?

Ethan is the protagonist of Resident Evil 7 character: Biohazard and Resident Evil Village.

He’s an American systems engineer who is trying to find his missing wife, Mia.

Nearly three years after her disappearance, Ethan receives a cryptic video message from Mia that leads him to a derelict plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana.

How Long Does Resident Evil 7 Fancy Complete?

Game length aggregation site How Long to Beat measures the game’s main story as taking six hours to finish – less time than previous games developed with Capcom’s RE Engine.

The location measures Resident Evil 7 VR: Biohazard’s main story at 9.5 hours, Resident Evil 2’s at 8.5 hours, and Devil May Cry 5’s at 11 hours.13-Aug-2020

Why Is Alice Not Within The Video Games? Resident Evil’s Greatest Mystery?

Alice is the main protagonist within the Resident Evil film series and even the most attractive of the movie. It’s a mystery that deserves a solution.

Alice, the protagonist of all six Resident Evil films, has not once made an appearance in video games. This might not be accidental.

To urge to the rock bottom of this enduring riddle, Uther Dean interviewed a number of the key players in both the films and therefore the video games.

Resident Evil 7 The Way To Get Shotgun?

Head to the rec room and open the door locked with the Scorpion Key. This may grant you access to the re7 shotgun and various other items and text files.

Take the broken shotgun to the most Hall. Against the rear wall, there is a statue holding a shotgun, like the shotgun room from Resident Evil.

System Requirements:

Requires A 64-bit Processor And Os

Os: Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit Required)

Processor: Intel® Core™ I5-4460, 2.70ghz Or Amd Fx™-6300 Or Better

Memory: 8 Gb Ram

Graphics: Nvidia® Geforce® Gtx 760 Or Amd Radeon™ R7 260x With 2GB Video Ram

Directx: Version 11

Storage: 24 Gb Available Space

Sound Card: DirectSound Compatible (Must Support Directx® 9.0c Or Higher)

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