Content Submission Requirements and Conditions

We are only interested in high-quality content that meets the following criteria :

  • Unique & Original: we test every post submission with plagiarism tools and automatically decline any text that is less than 100% unique;
  • Structured: the article should have a clear structure and be divided into titled, easy-to-follow subsections;
  • Grammatically Correct: the text should be composed in good English and be free of mistakes and typos;
  • Substantial: minimum post length is 1500 words, and long-form content is preferred;
  • To The Point: we dislike comments for the sake of words; great articles are free of pointless filler passages and focus on being useful and entertaining to the reader;
  • Well-Researched: the text should be based on the analysis of relevant information and expert opinions;
  • Properly Toned: we prefer casual-journalistic writing style, and abstain from using “sales-speak” excessive technical jargon, or too much informal language.

Guest Post Accepting on Selected Topics:

  • Technology
  • Games
  • Pc Softwares
  • APK
  • Mobile Applications

What should be the length of content?

The longer the article, the more chances that it will get ranking in the search engines faster. The maximum number is not restricted, but you should submit at least 700+ words article.

Should I include links within the piece?

# Yes. Please include links that will be helpful and relevant for the reader – they can be to a relevant post on your site or any other news site or blog. We ask that you include at least two links within each blog post.

Should I include pictures for my blog?

# Yes, it is appropriate for the blog. We required at least add 3 4 images in a blog post.

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